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is an earthquake possible in Chicago - Google Search

The Atlantic article seems to provide the best answers to this question with the admission that experts aren't really sure about all possible faults (see quotes).

"Large intra-plate earthquakes, when they disappear on one fault zone, tend to pop up where no one's looking."

"No one really knows how intra-plate earthquakes work. And no one really knows what on earth is going on down there deep underground."

"In Nepal, the country's earthquake hazard map showed the two ends of the country glowing with seismic hazard and a placid interior. Last April an enormous quake struck this unremarkable center of the country and killed more than 8,000 people."

"In most cases these earthquakes are on unmapped faults. A lot of times the way you find a fault in the mid-continent is that you get a big earthquake on it and then you go out and say, 'Oh gee, there's a fault there.'"
— Northwestern University seismologist Seth Stein

Illinois officials urge earthquake awareness - Chicago Tribune
Feb 6, 2015 - In April of that year, a 5.2-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in southern West Salem, Ill., hardly left a mark but its shaking was felt in 14 states. It is considered the most significantearthquake Illinois endured since 1968, when a 5.3 quake caused more damage to buildings but no injuries.

Is it possible for earthquakes to occur in Chicago? - Quora
Mar 21, 2017 - While Chicago is very unlikely to be the epicenter of a quake, the Midwest is more seismically active than most people realize. ... And there have been several smaller earthquakes in recent years that have been felt in Chicago. It's really weird to feel the floor suddenly "roll."

Illinois Among States With Highest Risk for Earthquakes - NBC Chicago
Jul 18, 2014 - U.S. Geological Survey updated its national seismic hazard maps for the first time since 2008. ... A new federal earthquake map dials up the shaking hazard just a bit for about one-third of the United States, including Illinois, and lowers it for one-tenth. ... Illinois is among 16 states …

Is Middle America Due For a Huge Earthquake? - The Atlantic
Jun 23, 2016 - Indeed, the USGS earthquake hazard map of the United States, might ..... about the lithosphere—and it's easy when you live in Chicago—is, ...

1968 Illinois earthquake - Wikipedia
The 1968 Illinois earthquake (a "New Madrid event") was the largest recorded earthquake in .... This could cause potentially high damage in the Chicago metropolitan area which has a population near ... Scientists anticipating a future earthquake suggest the Wabash Valley Fault as a possible source, calling it "dangerous".
‎Geology · ‎Damage · ‎Response · ‎Future threats

List of earthquakes in Illinois - Wikipedia
The following is a list of earthquakes in Illinois. Contents. 1 Earthquakes; 2 See also; 3 Notes; 4 References; 5 External links. Earthquakes[edit]. Date, Area ...
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New Madrid Seismic Zone - Wikipedia
The New Madrid Seismic Zone sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line, is a major seismic ...Earthquakes that occur in the New Madrid Seismic Zone potentially threaten parts of eight .....Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013.
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earthquake risk - ABC7 Chicago
Feb 15, 2010 - What caused Wednesday's earthquake near Chicago, Illinois? And is it likely to happen again?

how well do trunked radio systems work in disaster - Google Search

So the question is … "how robust are trunked radio systems that are used in the public safety sector for police and fire departments?" This first check didn't discover any drills or mentions of how trunked radio systems are affected by earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc when multiple towers are destroyed. Questions arise regarding whether there would be total failure or limited or hampered communications. This initial search did not find any mention of drills that would prepare firefighters and police officers for operations without communications. There was some mention of hybrid communications systems with overlayed conventional systems that would provide service in the event that the trunked system failed. One document mentioned that the failure of a single control channel in a system with only one control channel would take down the entire system.

Curiously, one of the documents in the top seven search results goes back to May 1999.

Comparison of conventional and trunked systems
May 1, 1999 - Comparisons of Conventional and Trunked Radio Systems considers typical systems ..... subscriber units are typically much more expensive and, .... For this reason there has been a great deal of work in ... Talk groups, encryption, emergency (e.g., man-down) operation, and telephone access are examples …

What's the Difference Between a Conventional and Trunked Radio ...
Apr 5, 2018 - Working with trusted two-way radio service providers is ultimately the best way to determine which solution will best meet your needs, and it's a good idea to ... The conventional radio system is typically the simpler of the two.
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(PDF) An Overview of Digital Trunked Radio: Technologies and ...
Aug 1, 2018 - In trunked radio system, analog trunked radio is going to be obsolete .... bands, and they are very essential for the successful .... text messaging, emergency call and so on ... TETRA systems mainly operate in UHF band and.

[PDF]Analysis of Public Safety Traffic on Trunked Land Mobile Radio Systems
by D Sharp - ‎Cited by 67 - ‎Related articles
disaster recovery are often cited as prime applications for mobile ad hoc networks. ... Voice traffic on a land mobile radio system is often from. Manuscript ... the introduction of trunked radio systems. ... common channel is an effective way of coordinating these talk groups. ... such as fire fighting and police work has long been.

Land Mobile Spectrum Planning Options Appendix | National ...
Trunked systems can establish a communication channel to individual radios or to ... In a time ofemergency, for example, a combination of agencies providing ... A user keeps a list of which frequencies are available at each site, as well as the ... The basic multisite system works grudgingly to give wide-area coverage, but …

[PDF]Conventional Systems as Compared to Trunked Systems
Feb 10, 2016 - or Digital Operation. ◦ For our discussion today, when a trunked system is referenced itis assumed to operate in the digital mode of operation …

[PDF]Guide for the Selection of Communication Equipment for Emergency ...
by NIJ Guide - ‎2002
and Mr. Todd Brethauer of the Technical Support Working Group for their significant ... as well as other documents are being issued under the OLES program in the ... and equipment, communicationsystems, emergency equipment, ...... The disadvantages of the trunked system are those common to all RF radio systems (i.e.,.

what drugs are free at meijer - Google Search

You know your doctor is looking out for you when the good doctor recommends helpful treatments that can save money. offers a comparison of prices and helps you find the cheapest prescriptions from a variety of sources. However, did you know that Meijer has a list of prescription drugs that are free?

Pharmacy - Free Prescriptions | Meijer |
The Meijer pharmacy helps lower your health care costs with free select prescriptions, including antibiotics, prenatal vitamins and more.

list of free medications - Meijer
The following are FREE with your doctor's prescription, regardless of insurance or co-pay: Amoxicillin Cephalexin SMZ-TMP Ciprofloxacin Ampicillin Penicillin VK This list is subject to change without…

Meijer offers nine types of free drugs to everyone
May 2, 2017 - The free antibiotics are amoxicillin, cephalexin, SMZ-TMP (excludes suspension),ciprofloxacin in 250, 500 and 750mg strengths (excludes suspension), ampicillin, and penicillin VK. Nationally, Meijer pharmacies recently surpassed $500 million in savings for customers through its free drug program.

Meijer Free Prescription Drug Program - NeedyMeds
Sep 20, 2017 - Select prescriptions are free at your Meijer pharmacy - no strings attached. Meijerpharmacy offers generic antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, and …

[PDF]Free Prescriptions at Meijer - 4DollarDrugs
read more. To help decrease your healthcare costs, this program covers leading, oral generic antibiotics with a special focus on the prescriptions most often ...
Meijer gave away $69M of drugs, supplements in 2015 |
Jan 12, 2016 - WALKER, MI -- Meijer gave $69 million worth of generic medicines to its customers in 2015. Those 6 million free prescriptions set a record for …

Meijer's most popular free prescription drug might surprise you | MLive ...
Jun 30, 2014 - This month, Meijer pharmacies gave away its 20 millionth free customer prescription through its 8-year-old free prescription program.

Meijer Free Prescription Program Saves Customers More Than $500 ...
Jan 5, 2017 - The program – a first of its kind when launched in October 2006 – has since filled nearly 40 million free prescriptions. "Meijer is a family-owned ...

idiot - Google Search

The word "idiot" is trending #1 on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 with a count of over 200,000 searches. In a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked to explain why a Google image search for the word "idiot" turned up with a majority of pictures of President Donald Trump. Google was under fire Tuesday, suspected of causing or permitting intentional bias in the search results.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai replied by explaining how Google search works:

"Any time you type in a keyword, as Google we have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of [websites'] pages in our index. And we take the keyword and match it against their pages and rank them based on over 200 signals — things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it. And based on that, at any given time, we try to rank and find the best search results for that query. And then we evaluate them with external raters, and they evaluate it to objective guidelines. And that's how we make sure the process is working."

Pichai explained that news outlets reported on the Trump "idiot" results earlier in 2018, and that a lot of the search results are currently referring to news reports that explain why the apparent bias occurred. The initial bias apparently occurred as a result of outside parties (average Google users of the service) gaming Google's search results, a well-known tactic known as "Google bombing."

Google bombing and Googlewashing refer to the practice of intentionally causing a website to rank highly in web search engine results (ideally position 1-4 on the first search results page). Often the "Google Bomb" involves irrelevant, unrelated or off-topic search terms by linking heavily in text from remote pages that use anchor text (e.g., "idiot") with the non-visible referral code (target link) that links to a specific web page. Google Bombing is not exactly the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the practice of improving the search engine listings of web pages by attempting to acquire relevant search terms.

Google-bombing is done for either business, political, or comedic purposes or in combination. Google's search-rank algorithm ranks pages higher for a particular search phrase if enough other pages linked to it use similar anchor text. Google reported it took countermeasures to prevent popular Google Bombs from succeeding about 10 years ago -- apparently on a case-by-case bases. By January 2007 Google's search algorithm was tweaked to counter popular Google bombs such as "miserable failure" referring to content regarding George W. Bush and regarding Michael Moore.

In April 2012, the website Search Engine Watch reported that  Google announced its "Penguin" update would be changing the way the search engine managed anchor text, implying that anchor text would not be as important regarding their ranking metrics in the algorithm. Google anticipated a diversified link profile with a mix of anchor text and other types of links would have greater influence in the search algorithm.  However, succinct and Long Tail Keyword are still reported by SEO professionals to have a strong correlation with Google rankings and are still recommended as useful practices for Search Engine Optimization.

Web results (the article was posted about 2 hours after the actual search attempt. Therefore the elapsed time references in the article are not relevant, and the actual search results at the time of the posting of the article may have involved a change since the original search)

Sundar Pichai had to explain to Congress why Googling 'idiot' turns up ...
5 hours ago - In a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked to explain why a Google image search for "idiot" turned …

Idiot - Wikipedia
Idiot was formerly a legal and psychiatric category of profound intellectual disability, where a person's mental age is two years or less, and he or she cannot …

Why Trump and word searches for 'idiot' came up at Google CEO's ...
1 hour ago - A California lawmaker indirectly asked Sundar Pichai about 'Google bombing.'. ... Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained how Google ranks search results. ... And it came, thanks to President Donald Trump, it came up on Tuesday while Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before Congress.

Idiot | Definition of Idiot by Merriam-Webster
Idiot definition is - a foolish or stupid person. How to use idiot in a sentence. idiot Has Greek Roots.

Why Google Shows President Trump's Picture When You Search 'Idiot'
4 hours ago - Google chief Sundar Pichai explained to Rep. Zoe Lofgren why the search engine shows several pictures of President Trump for "idiot" …

Idiot | Define Idiot at
Idiot definition, an utterly foolish or senseless person: If you think you can wear that outfit to a job interview and get hired, you're an idiot! See more.

ambulance revenue arlington heights - Google Search

Is Arlington Heights filling the $900,000 budget gap caused by state cuts to the village's share of income and sales tax revenues? Medical transports from nursing care facilities used to be primarily managed by private ambulance services, but now Arlington Heights Fire Department is involved in most of the transports. Research for 2019 will likely reveal how the ambulance income revenue performed, and how it compares to some other communities.

Arlington Heights increases ambulance fee, but only nonresidents pay
Oct 18, 2017 - Arlington Heights now charges $400 to $450 to residents and $600 to $650 to nonresidents for ambulance transports -- rates that have remained unchanged for 11 years. But officials say they're looking to fill a $900,000 budget gap caused by state cuts to the village's share of income and sales tax revenues.

Arlington Heights officials hike non-resident ambulance fees to ...
Oct 23, 2017 - Arlington Heights officials hike non-resident ambulance fees to ... village officials with a more than $900,000 reduction in anticipated revenues.

Rolling Meadows Discusses New Revenue Streams - Journal & Topics
Jan 17, 2018 - Arlington Heights also charges this much per transport. ... Like ambulance revenue, natural gas taxes collected in 2018 would be used for city's …

Ambulance Fees To Rise, But Residents Shouldn't Feel Impact ...
Oct 18, 2017 - ... of Arlington Heights ambulance, but insurance companies will pay. ... ambulance fees is expected to generate $960,000 worth of revenue.

Arlington Heights Fire Department Ambulance Transport Fee Will ...
Oct 19, 2017 - The Arlington Heights Village Board ruled to increase its ambulance ... share of incomeand sales tax revenues that Arlington Heights receives.

growing broccoli with led lights - Google Search

Do you want to know if broccoli can be grown indoors with LED lights?  Successful Searching checked to see if there was any information about growing broccoli with inexpensive low energy cost LED lights. The Google search results on Friday November 2, 2018 at 12:27 p.m. EDT found the following six top search results. Successful Searching is pleased with the results of this search, which found a scientific study from, the topic of microgreens and concerns about chlorine in water in the article, a reference to the ultimate guide to LED lighting in, information about ideal temperature and growing broccoli to maturity on, and much more. This was a successful search.

Jul 27, 2017 - extension with LED light supplement on growth, yield and seed production of broccoli ... Key words: Broccoli, LED spectrum, yield, seed production. ...... broccoli seeds with in one growing season and can solve the problem of …

How Much Lighting do You Need for Strong and ... - Grow for More
I tested growing broccoli microgreens with and without a grow light. ... In the end, keeping your regularlights on is going to be expensive unless you have LED …

The Ultimate Guide to LED Grow Lights | Epic Gardening
Nov 12, 2012 - Learn if the hype about LED grow lights is justified in this guide to see if work for hydroponics and if you should invest in them for your ...
‎The Advantages of LED ... · ‎Control Over Color ... · ‎Disadvantages of LEDs …

Growing Plants With LED Lights: 6 Steps › technology › leds
Growing Plants With LED Lights: In this instructable i shall be demonstrating how to grow small plants under the glorious glow of LED lights. Woop!
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Ten Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors No Matter How Little Space ...
Jun 27, 2015 - If you grow Broccoli, which, can be uncovered at day 2 or 3 together with .... that give off little to no heat, such as T5 fluorescent and LED lights.

How to Grow Broccoli Indoors | Hunker › ... › Plants, Flowers & Herbs › Growing Vegetables
Broccoli is a cool-season brassica (related to cauliflower and other cole crops) that prefers ... Most regular indoor lights are not sufficient to grow broccoli indoors.