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Successful Search: Being a Police Officer Sucks

Google: Being a Police Officer Sucks

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I can only speak of my experience as an officer. It has been said here many times and I agree 100% that the most stress you will encounter in this job comes from within your own department. 99% of this stress comes from administration (puppet chiefs, arrogant supervisors, selfish agendas, etc.). More and more police departments are managed like a business instead of a brotherhood.
As a new recruit you begin this career wanting to prove yourself, you work hard, keep sharp and represent yourself and your agency with pride. You spin years away on patrol and admin forgets about you, until you misstep or catch a citizen complaint, then you are scrutinized and nearly drowned during their fishing expedition. Extraordinary effort or accomplishments are typically passed off as “doing your job.”

Before signing any offer of employment, understand the department; know why there is such high turnover, and why morale is so low. Never ever judge a book by its cover.

Be safe and smart brothers

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