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Benefit of the Doubt - Google Search and Trump's Mission Accomplished 

Is the "benefit of the doubt" dead? Following the military strikes in Syria on Friday April 13, 2018, President Donald J. Trump declared "mission accomplished" referring to the fact that the objectives or targets of the mission were hit. Various pundits and opponents immediately marginalized or ridiculed the comment preferring to manipulate the meaning meaning to understand that the president meant the entire Syrian problem is resolved.

Urban Dictionary: Benefit of the doubt
To give someone the benefit of the doubt is to default to the belief that their intentions are honest, and not assume malice when there is uncertainty or doubt surrounding the circumstances.

The Benefit Of The Doubt | Definition of The Benefit Of The Doubt by …
Define the benefit of the doubt: the state of accepting something/someone as honest or deserving of trust… — the benefit of the doubt in a sentence.

When Should You Give Someone 'The Benefit of the Doubt'? | HuffPost
Oct 9, 2013 - The Urban Dictionary defines it this way: "When giving someone the benefit of the doubt, you are believing what they say and taking their word because you, yourself, have some doubt about what happened."

give someone the benefit of the doubt Definition in the Cambridge ...
give someone the benefit of the doubt. to decide that you will believe someone, even though you are not sure that what the person is saying is true: She said she was late because her flight was canceled, and we gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Give the benefit of the doubt - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
To retain a favorable or at least neutral opinion of someone or something until the full information about the subject is available. You're my sister! Can't you give me the benefit of the doubt, instead of believing the worst about me right away? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt before we start accusing him. There may be a ...