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what does it mean to mute a tweet - Google Search

On the main news site, editors don't want to be bothered by petty hecklers from the peanut gallery on the Twitter account. The editors don't want to prevent people from submitting legitimate tips, legitimate gripes, or questions; but editors don't want to field petty complaints (e.g., complaints about newsworthiness of a story, complaints that the story was published too late, etc, or just general criticism). Any chronic or serious violators are muted.

How to mute accounts on Twitter - Twitter support
Mute is a feature that allows you to remove an account's Tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account. Muted accounts will not know that you've muted them and you can unmute them at any time.

How to use advanced muting options - Twitter support
You will still see these Tweets via search. Notifications for muted words and hashtags are applied to replies and mentions, including all interactions on those …

How to control your Twitter experience - Twitter support
You can access this option from the icon in a Tweet. Mute. Muting another Twitter account means you will not see that account's Tweets in your timeline.

13 reasons to mute people on Twitter | Technology | The Guardian
May 13, 2014 - Twitter's new mute function is a halfway house between unfollowing and ... That meansyou have to follow people to be followed by them. ... you thought of someone's muted tweet, opinion or landmark statement, but it could be …

You can now mute people on Twitter - The Verge
May 12, 2014 - Mute will also appear as an option on "Muting a user on Twitter meanstheir tweets and retweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline, and you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from that user," Twitter explains.

Twitter Block vs Mute: Know the Difference - Guiding Tech
Apr 28, 2018 - What does Block Mean? Similar to the other social networks and chat apps, block onTwitter also stops all communication from the blocked ...