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Lagging Search Result for Original Report on Local News on Arlington Cardinal (Cardinal News) formerly ranked very high on breaking news reports, but has recently discovered lagging search results on breaking news reports using the Google search feature. articles have been discovered with better results on Bing.

With original reporting and original photos, was recently beaten by 57 other articles that ranked higher. The article on Monday morning in the 10 o'clock hour CST January 21, 2019 showed up on the sixth Google search results page.


girl snow fort arlington Heights long tail link to original article.

The title for the Arlington Cardinal article is ...

Girl Dies After Snow Fort Collapses on Her at Church on College Dr, Arlington Heights

Searching: girl dies snow fort Arlington Heights (long tail link to actual article) resulted in a ranking on page 5 of Google search results ...

The Arlington Cardinal article is an original article with the first original scene photos that were published regarding the incident, but fared poorly on Google search results.

The article on broke the story within 16 minutes of the press release from the Arlington Heights Police Department and was preceded by a breaking news article before the press release. The preceding article Two Girls Trapped, One Seriously Injured While Playing in Snow Pile That Collapsed at Church on College Drive, Arlington Heights preceded all other news media sources.

A bing search for girl snow fort Arlington Heights and girl dies snow fort Arlington Heights resulted in a PAGE 1 search result on bing in the 10 o'clock hour CST on Monday January 21, 2019 ...

In November 2019, converted to https for SSL security, but it is currently unknown if this is the reason for the lagging Google search results. An investigation is underway to determine why Arlington Cardinal is experiencing lagging search results on Google.

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