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Have Apple's new higher prices for Mac mini got you depressed? Apple customers used to be able to get an Apple iMac for $499. Now the minimum price for a Mac mini is $799. Plus you have to swallow another bitter pill. The size of the Solid State Drives are less than half the storage space of the traditional hard disks in the older Mac Mini units. In order to get 1 TB of SSD storage to match the storage of older units, you will have to pay out an extra $600. Higher prices have rocked their notebook world, too. The minimum price for a notebook is $1,199 for a MacBook Air. For about half the price of a MacBook, you can get a Dell notebook with a larger screen — and its a touchscreen, too. Apple has yet to make a touch screen available for any of its desktops or notebook computers. Plus, regarding the notebook comparison of Apple vs Windows, you get twice the Solid State Drive size — 256 GB vs 128 GB — with a Dell notebook.

Since Microsoft is not developing a future for Windows 10 Mobile, the company is working on increased effort supporting interaction with its Windows desktops and notebooks. Fortunately, you can get your photos on a Windows notebook computer using the Photo app on Windows or by installing Apple iTunes on the Windows notebook. At least one person reported that the Windows Photos app didn't work because the iPhone wasn't recognized as a device on the Windows machine until Apple iTunes was installed.

If you don't need all of Apple's ecosystem, you might be wise to consider using a Windows desktop or notebook computer.


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