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A Brief Guide to Job Searching on the Internet

Today, many people will look to their computers and phones when they need to find a new job; the Internet is a crucial resource for jobseekers in all industries. We created a brief guide to job searching on the Internet, highlighting the ways in which you can find an amazing opportunity online.

Why Use the Internet?

While you can flip through a newspaper in search of a relevant job listing, you’ll find hundreds of awesome jobs simply by typing into a search bar on the Internet. Plus, you can look for jobs whenever and wherever.

Browse Social Media

Social media is a wonderful recruiting platform. These days, it’s likely that your family, your friends, and the companies you love will use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to post job openings. You can also use LinkedIn to follow companies and connect with their current employees.

Research Employers

Scams are everywhere on the Internet, even on legit job sites. If the position sounds too good to be true, you may be right. So, always do your research before applying for a job. Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to familiarize yourself with a business. You can scroll and click through a company’s website to find out more about their mission as well as their products or services.

Make the Most of Search Engines

Google has become particularly good at helping people search for jobs on the internet. Google for Jobs, a powerful search feature operated by the popular search engine, can easily pull up dozens of local job listings. Through this feature, you can apply to multiple positions in a matter of minutes.

Showcase Yourself

Perhaps you want employers to come to you—that works, too. If you need to get your portfolio or résumé out there, post it online. Companies that need to fill open positions sift through online resumes all the time. Who knows, they may even stumble across your work and follow up with you!