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Successful Searching wondered if Uber is required to have a taxi license to operate in a city. From speaking with Uber drivers we know, the drivers are not required to have a taxi license or a CDL (commercial driver's license). But does Uber have them covered, or are they even required to have them covered? According to the Lawrence Laws referral "courts have upheld Uber's argument that they are a technology company, supplying communication from consumers to drivers, and not a transportation company because Uber does not own, operate or maintain any of the vehicles." Therefore, Lawrence & Associates says Uber is not bound by the transportation industries rules and regulations." But that doesn't mean this might not change in the future with a new court ruling. It's also possible that the actual drivers could be required to have a CDL license in some future court ruling.

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Jan 30, 2017 - Uber offers a variety of commercially licensed services, including black car and taxi, but the average person who drives for UberX, an individual providing transportation with their personal car, does not need a CDL. However, some states have other licensing requirements.

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