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Top Reasons You Should Get a MacBook Over a PC

With so many people working at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, some might be running into issues with their PCs. Now might be the perfect time to upgrade to a new laptop. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to PC laptops, but consider making the jump to a Mac. Read on to discover the top reasons you should get a MacBook over a PC.

Longer Lasting

While MacBooks are known to be more expensive, you will eventually get your money’s worth and potentially save money because they are longer lasting than most PCs. MacBooks will last longer than PCs because they experience fewer software and corruption problems and enjoy longer battery life.

Less Risk of Viruses

A MacBook will last longer than a PC is because there is decreased risk for a virus. This is easily one of the top reasons you should get a MacBook over a PC. A virus-free laptop makes available time you would otherwise have to spend troubleshooting. This is especially important for those who work from home—for example, real estate agents who need to access cloud-based software for their job.

Quality Screens

Another great feature about MacBooks is their quality screens. This is all possible with a MacBook’s retina display, which debuted back in 2014. Retina displays make images and video on a MacBook look incredibly clear.

Great Trackpads

While many PC laptops have trackpads that can be difficult to use, MacBooks feature a responsive and easy-to-use trackpad. Anyone who uses a MacBook will tell you how reactive its trackpad is and how accurately it responds to someone's touch. This makes for working in any setting, home or office, that much easier.

More Freedom

If you already own an iPhone, then a MacBook is a no-brainer because of how well Apple products integrate with one another, thanks to iCloud and other applications. Additionally, you can also get a Windows operating system installed on your Mac, so there are no limits to what you can do on it.