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Best Marketing Strategies for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Operating a brick and mortar business presents different challenges than a business in the virtual space. These kinds of outlets must exist in two different worlds and market to them both. Storefronts must still abide by the traditional marketing strategies that have worked for centuries, while embracing new strategies to increase their web presence. Foot traffic is still the bread and butter, but they have to master the digital age to increase that flow and generate new leads. What are the best marketing strategies for brick and mortar businesses? A combination of old and new; find out some specific tactics here.

In-Store Events

Creating fun events for your customers that are related to the business is appealing to your base and potential customers. Having a tasting, hands-on demonstration or informational classes brings people into your store and creates an experience. These experiences are fun for everyone and give you a chance to showcase products and knowledge.

Weather Targeting

People love to talk about the weather, right? So, use that to your advantage. Weather targeting lets you use weather and location data to show relevant ads to your customers in real-time and encourage them to shop in your store. Show ads for grills and bathing suits in the summer and snow shovels and down jackets in the winter. Keep the targeting relevant and traffic will increase.

Street Level Signage

If something works you should stick with it. Various types of outdoor signage have worked for a long time and continue to work. Putting a sandwich board on the sidewalk, banner in the window, or sign over the door still grabs people’s attention. Keep any signs on-brand and relevant to your business. Use eye-catching colors and graphics to draw people in off the street.

Loyalty Campaigns

Loyalty campaigns reward your regular customers and keep them coming back. Target your regular shoppers by offering them incentives to keep coming back. Offer members-only discounts and points they can redeem for steeper discounts and free services. Loyal customers tend to spend more, making this among the best marketing strategies for brick and mortar businesses.


Geo-conquesting means swiping business from your competitors by utilizing location data. The simplicity of this strategy belies its genius. All you do is show ad campaigns to customers near the competition and try to get them to come to your store.